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12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

  • The UJV100-160Plus is the definitive entry model for sustainable sign and graphic printing, with low running costs, versatile expression and ease of printing for everyone.
  • It has the basic functions of the conventional “UJV100-160” with three additional functions to expand the range of applications for reduce running costs and improve work efficiency for more additional value.
  • The UJV100-160Plus uses GREENGUARD GOLD-certified UV-curable inks that generate almost no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). No heater for ink drying is required as the ink cures instantly, reducing power consumption during printing.


Multi-layer printing up to 3 layers for a wide range of applications

Pull-back printing function enables multi-layer printing unaffected by the order of the inkset. The range of printing expression is greatly expanded. 


Easy operation reduces ink consumption while maintaining natural gradations

Pull-back UJV100-160Plus supports the ink saving added in RasterLink7.3.10. It reduces ink consumption by up to approximately 50% while maintaining the natural colour gradation of illustrations. This results in lower running costs.


Direct output from RasterLink7 to CG-AR for improved usability

This eliminates the need to start up separate software and supports improved work efficiency and stress-free operation.

UJV100 - 160 Plus

  • 64” UV-LED Printer



12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

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