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12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

12mil Performance ST Pop-Up


“UJF-7151 plus” is a “high performance UV Inkjet printer” that enables high-precision ink dot placement and beautiful printing through Mimaki’s proprietary technology and top-level productivity.

  • Mechanical structure for high-precision printing
  • Mimaki' s superior print-image quality control technology
  • Maximum 4.21m2/h productivity*
    *Print conditions600 × 600 dpi; 6 Pass

  • Uninterrupted printing solutions
  • NEW UV curable ink "LUS-350"
  • NEW UV curable metallic ink "MUH-100-Si"

UJF-7151 Plus

  • 20” x 28” Production UV-LED Flatbed Printer



12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

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