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12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

12mil Performance ST Pop-Up


Our 6 mil (150μ), white polymeric printable PVC film with removable adhesive technology is designed for graphics that need to be easily installed, removed and re-positioned. Dimensionally stable, Sunrise® Premium Wally Print Vinyl can be applied and re-positioned multiple times without stretching or tearing. It also has a removable adhesive making removal clean and easy! Sunrise® Premium Wally Print Vinyl is a 6 mil (150 μ) self-adhesive, printable matte white PVC film. It is coated with a pressure sensitive, removable aqueous acrylic adhesive which is protected by a 78# white Kraft release paper coated on both sides with PE and siliconized on the release side. Available in 54” and 60” width master rolls, slit as instructed. Sunrise® Premium Wally Print Vinyl is a phthalate-free film.

Sunrise Premium 6mil Wally Print Vinyl

  • 54" X 150'



12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

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