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12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

12mil Performance ST Pop-Up


STS Curing Ovens have digital controls that are easy to manage and allow precise settings for temperature and time for consistent results. The adhesive gelling process is started at the touch of a button. After the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal lets you know your transfer is ready.

STS Transfer Film Curing Ovens – Open Top Model

    • Cures film up to 15×24” (open top model)
    • Small footprints and easy to operate
    • Curing temperature up to 150 C (302 F)
    • Digital timer control of TPU powder curing
    • An Alarm sounds when curing is completed

    Power supply: 110 V
    Exterior Dimension: 27 x 6 x 19.5 (open top model)
    Power consumption: 1.350 W
    Controllable digital timer: 0 – 999 s



12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

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