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12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

12mil Performance ST Pop-Up


Impress and excite your customers by printing on STS DTF Silver Metallic Foil. Printing on our foil is easy and fun. Just print your image using STS’s white ink onto the foil, then apply STS’s TPU powder – shake excess powder off, place in oven until TPU is appropriately melted. Choose your garment or fabric and place it on your heat press (temperatures and pressures may vary dependent on your fabric type) and press the printed foil with the image side facing down between 10 to 15 seconds. We recommend waiting for the foil to completely cool down before peeling, and then in a very quick motion, rip the foil off the fabric from side to side. We suggest using a lint roller to remove any excess foil that may be left on the fabric. A 2nd 5 sec. press is sometimes recommended. You will love the finish look.

DTF Cold Peel Silver Metallic Foil

    • Roll Width: 24"
    • Roll Length: 164'
    • Film Thickness: 75 um
    • Film Type: Cold Peel



12mil Performance ST Pop-Up

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